Application of the Rosenberger feeder cable

Rosenberger feeder cable is a commonly used cable in our country market. This type of cable is used a lot and without this material the building cannot be completed. So how is this device applied in the market.
1. Features of Rosenberger feeder cable
What is the Rosenberger feeder cable?
Rosenberger feeder cables are used to connect the network and conduct electric current for many different positions. This cable is manufactured in developed countries such as China or Australia so you can rest assured to use for your project.

Characteristics of Rosenberger feeder cable
In order to perform its maximum task, this cable needs to have more outstanding features than other types of cables on the market.
The first thing to mention is that the high durability characteristics. Made from high quality copper, surrounded by an insulating shell, durable and very good strength. Despite the weather’s harshness, these cables are not subject to change or shrinkage like other poor quality cables.

High power
In order to best transmit power to the base stations, the capacity of the cable must be high and promote its effects. For this common cable the capacity is 16kW. This is the capacity not all materials have.
Stable temperature setting
In order to install the cable, users can install it at a temperature of 25-70 degrees C. With this temperature, the cable will ensure safety for users and the process of using it in the future will not be hindered. what.
In addition to the above characteristics, we can also point out some other features such as: the smallest radius is 55mm, the dielectric strength is 1.6kv, the transmission speed is 83%, …
2. Application of the Rosenberger feeder cable on the market
Like Hansen feeder cables, Rosenberger cables are also very diverse applications:
Application for BTS telecommunication stations
Telecommunications stations in the market, especially BTS, often use the product to connect to customers because of the benefits that this cable brings. With high durability, the product will save costs as well as bring the best benefits to customers when used

Application of Rosenberger Feeder Cables in telecommunication stations

FM broadcasting system of radio stations
Usually, each district or commune has an FM radio station to be able to convey the most useful information to the people, to announce important news of the village, so that people can carry out their rights and obligations.
Because it is installed in districts and communes, in order to save costs, people often choose Rosenberger cables. This is a smart choice because the transfer speed is fast but does not cost too much.
Above are the applications of telecommunication cables corresponding to the outstanding features that the product brings. Surely you will feel satisfied as well as the quality that the product brings the best.
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