I- General introduction:
With the increasing demand for information and communication, especially for optical systems, with many links and multiple hubs, connection protection and sharing are required. to other transmission lines, to meet that requirement, the point box with capacity of up to 96FO has met the above criteria, with a large space, easy to operate, used in many different terrains. can hang on a pole, hang on a wall. Good protection and high IP makes the system stable.
II- Product specifications
– ABS plastic material.
– Cover size: 490 * 380 * 250mm
– Weight: 4.0kg
– Capacity from Max up to 96FO
– Support installation of Pigtial wire, Patch cord or PLC optical splitters
– Standard panel connecting SC, LC duplex and FC square
– Support large cable with multiple input ports on both top and bottom
– Attachments: Tapes, Cases, Heat Shrink Tubes, Plastic Tubes, Bands, Locks, Screws, Plastic Swells.

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